Fitting Skilled Lessons into Your Calendar

Your employer may expect you to keep up on your training and professional certification.  While you can appreciate the urgency of this request, you may have little time in your busy schedule to take lessons to brush up on your skills.

When you need to plan ahead of time to take the certification courses, skilled trades lessons, and API 653 exam, you can get the dates of upcoming sessions on the website.  The page also tells you key details like the price and length of the tests and courses so you can fit them into your upcoming schedule.

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Browsing the Available Dates

The organization offers the sessions and exams on different dates throughout the year.  The courses are not packed into a single weekend or even a single week.  They are spaced out so that as many people as possible can sign up if they wish.

The dates for upcoming courses and exams take place over the course of several weekends in the approaching months.  The typical course lasts about four days and spans around eight hours per session.  This length is broken up with lunch hours, however.

Once you finish the entire course, you can take the exam and maintain your certification.  You can then continue with your career until it is time to re-certify again.

Online Registration

Despite your employer requiring you to take the courses and exams, the company may not be available to help you sign up for the actual classes.  You may need to do that on your own.

The website is set up to make registration easy and fast. You can use the online link at the top of the page to register the time and preferred location of the course.  Once you are signed up, you will receive emails and other communications about attending the sessions.

Your employer may offer to pay some or all of the tuition for you.  Regardless of who is paying, you can find out the tuition rate on the website.  You can also use the link on the page to pay for the costs of the class and exam.

Many careers today require that people acquire and maintain professional certification.  You may need to take lessons to satisfy this workplace goal.  You can sign up and pay for your tuition online.  You can also select the dates, times, and locations that satisfy your busy schedule.

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