Miniwalla: The Forest Story, Free New Educational App for Young Children from Award-winning Composer Shirley Choi

HONG KONGJuly 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Miniwalla is an animal sanctuary located in the unique setting of Java in Indonesia. Children ages four and up will enjoy meeting fun new animal friends and diverse human characters as they explore the forest alongside Henry, a young boy who lives with his parents in Miniwalla.

From parrots to tigers to komodo dragons, young audiences will learn about animals they might not ever have heard of before. They will also learn of the threats to these creatures as they watch Henry take care of his animal family.

As Henry goes about his adventures, he and his animal friends learn lessons such as personal responsibility, the perils of bullying, and the importance of teamwork.

Miniwalla is made up of six unique stories, each featuring brand new sing-along music.

This new e-book puts conservation on center stage. Fun music, exciting animal characters, and a fascinating environment make Miniwalla unique among apps for young children. The stories are educational as well as entertaining, so the audience will enjoy learning about a whole new part of the world. Miniwalla is a more than an e-book; it is an educational, musical experience.

Miniwalla is the third app from Happy Diamond Music Studio, the creative team behind Migalolo: The Ocean Musical and Kakamega: The Rainforest Musical. Download Miniwalla today and get ready to learn, listen, and sing along to this exciting e-book!

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