Tips to help achieve your study goals

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STUDYING can be difficult, even for avid students.

It often involves a lot of reading, making notes and calculations.

But, sitting at a desk for hours on end is not always the most productive method to study.

It is important consider the long term and short term goals, how to achieve them and personal learning styles.

Making and getting the most out of study is important and says students should learn towards the goal they have in mind.

The website said goals should be based on the student’s  ideals no matter what career or life path they have chosen.

It provided some steps for setting goals for more focused and successful study:

Students should ask themselves what they really hope to achieve.

Having a reason to stay motivated will make studying more purposeful.

Make goals specific.

Once students have formed their own personal idea of success, they should make it very specific.

Students will need to know what marks they will need, what university they would like to attend and what degree they would like to study.

Make a visual goal and put it somewhere you will see it every day.

Hang the mark or ATAR you want to achieve above your desk.

For some more visual motivation, students could write their goals on a white board or some large cardboard to be hung in their bedroom or the home office/study area.

Students could even add a note to their computer desktop so that every time they close programs or turn the computer on the reminder is right in front of them.

Set short-term goals to help you achieve the ultimate goal.

Students should ask themselves what marks they will need in each subject and assessment, and identify what subjects they struggle with and how they can improve in that area.

While it is important for students to have their priorities in order when it comes to studying, it is also important for them to make time for socialising, exercise and any hobbies or activities they usually do.

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