Online Courses Provide Flexibility in Sentencing

The criminal justice system is moving away from just trying to jail every single person. More and more courts are looking to provide more constructive punishments that are likely to help people get better at life. As the industry has pushed for more rehab and less punitive sanctions, courts have gotten more creative when passing out those punishments. This has led to an embrace of different kinds of classes geared to the problematic behaviors that landed offenders in trouble in the first place. More than that, online courses have made it much easier for offenders to improve themselves in a cost-effective manner.

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The movement toward more rehabilitative classes has everything to do with the science on human nature. While jail and prison may be satisfying in some respects, these things are less productive for society. They have shown themselves incapable of truly helping people get better and stay out of trouble. Recidivism remains a major problem in the United States, as people who are arrested are highly likely to engage with the criminal justice system again when they are released. In light of the poor results of the criminal justice system, the tendency to just send every person to jail or prison has fallen out of favor with some.

Court ordered courses online offer something different for those who commit offenses. These courses allow them to learn some skills that might make it easier for them to stay on the straight and narrow when they get done. The classes can range from financial responsibility classes to addiction-related classes all the way down to anger management. Whatever behavioral problem a person is dealing with that lands them in the criminal justice system can be helped by going through a class. It’s an approach designed to teach people the life skills they need to truly get ahead in life.

Online courses are in some cases better than in-person courses because people are more likely to stick with the classes. Quite often, people stop going to their court ordered classes because they don’t have the time or money to keep going. Online, the courses are cheaper and people can complete them from anywhere. If the goal of the court is to have people start these programs and stick with them all the way through, online classes ordered by the court are more likely to achieve those objectives.

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